What's New: October 2022

Here is a list of all the exciting new features and updates we've rolled out this month!

Bulk Task Tagging

Released October 4th 2022 - Web

Have a task list where all tasks need to be assigned to the same employee? This new functionality allows Admins and Managers to tag an employee to all tasks in a list in as little as two clicks! You can now select the name of an employee from a dropdown to tag all tasks in a list to that employee.

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Indication of Minors on Schedule

Released October 5th 2022 - Web

⚠️ This feature is available on Entree plans and above.


Employees under the age of 18 will now have an indicator next to their name. This allows scheduling Managers to easily identify if the employee they are scheduling is underage and must comply with local labor laws for minors.

The indicator is also visible when creating shifts:Screen_Shot_2022-10-07_at_5.02.32_PM.png

Or, approving/denying Shift Pool requests:


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Calculation Frequency for Tip Pooling

Released October 5th 2022 - Web

Many restaurants pool their tips on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis. You'll be able to set the calculation frequency of your choice, and if needed, a different frequency for each tip pool. Save time by making fewer errors with tip pooling automation!

⚠️  By default, Admins/Managers/Assistant Managers will have access to manage or edit the Tip Pool settings. However, Admins can change this by enabling or disabling the Manager Permission 'Can create and edit tip pools.'

How to Setup Calculation Frequency

  1. In the top navigation bar, hover over 'More' and select Tip Pooling. Once on the Tip Pooling page, select Create a tip pool

  2. Fill out your tip pool details, and click on How often are tips calculated: 'Daily'  to expand the dropdown menu:

  3. From the dropdown menu, select your Calculation Frequency:

  4. Set the date for which your last pay period ended, and we'll use this date to start pooling your tips. The date will automatically default to the last date of the pay period on your Time Clocking page, but you're welcome to adjust it as needed! :

    Pro Tip!

    We recommend that you align these dates with how you view pay periods to ensure accurate reporting.

  5. If you want to create this Tip Pool for a specific Daypart,  select 'Day parts' from the dropdown menu , and choose which Day part will apply to this tip pool. If enabled, an additional column for Dayparts will be included on the Tip Pool report:


  6. Click here to complete the process in setting up your Tip Pool

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Permission Templates

Released October 13th 2022 - Web


⚠️ Only Admins are able to create default permission templates within their Company Settings

Permission Templates reduce time spent manually applying permissions by allowing you to make pre-set ones for managers and assistant managers within your business.

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Task Notifications

Released October 25th 2022 - Mobile



Bring awareness and ensure tasks are completed on time! Employees will receive a notification at the start of their shift if they have task lists assigned to them, their location, department, or role. Tapping on this push notification will bring the employee into the Task Management tab in the 7shifts app.

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Lock a Pay Period

Released October 27th 2022 - Web


⚠️ Only Admins can lock and unlock a pay period

Admins at companies using 7punches will be able to lock/unlock a pay period, preventing Managers or Assistant Managers from making any edits after payroll has been run. This helps keep labor and payroll data consistent and accurate.

Managers/assistant managers who need to make necessary changes once a timesheet/pay period is locked will need to reach out to their admin for access.


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