What's New: September 2022

Here is a list of all the exciting new features and updates we've rolled out this month!

Multi-Department View in Schedule Day-View

Released September 6, 2022 


Previously only available on the Week-View, you can now select different departments on the Day-View of the Schedule! View multiple departments at once, and make any adjustments with ease.

Tip Pooling for Square POS

Released September 28, 2022 


Tip Pooling for Square POS is now available for any company with a location integrated with Square POS!

⚠️ To access the Tip Pooling feature using POS integration Contribution, you will require:

  • An Actual Sales integration with Square POS. (If you're not using a supported POS system, learn how to access the Manual Contribution option here.)
  • 7punches for time clocking or an Actual Labor integration with Square POS (since this feature relies on employees' worked hours in order to redistribute tips)
  • Have Role and Employee mapping  completed. This will ensure that Employees will be assigned the correct tips, based on their hours and Roles.

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